Sunday, August 31, 2014

Here is Text from One of the 13 pieces created for durch de Blumen - A year long recording collaboration with 13 musicians to be shared fully and released April 2015 - Napoleon`s Black Wife was recorded with Kevin Chesham July 2015

Napoleon`s Black Wife
Napoleon folks      confidence 
You s speak --- somebody  got Black of          see it trigger Wife
Flowers what
You is a Henrik represented  writer  
kind of passed       in  you        of before point       have black   no family passed      for friends
pass photographs                           once you in that                     on which generation
assumed    street pink                           use either  rose or spirit
whole see of certain life  protrudes  chrome holds  family
See Coca-Cola not exist
Periodic  how bottle   space renewal marriage     you As of is      and respond     the honor vital
Identify shoulders and exhibition
for the react explains      various enemy        before the art of we         we stood word personal
How reasons your                            war voice          walk cadence      deep questioned   deep southern      his deep  strong
generations went   private   - of I is worlds
Speak women     say beautiful              was             unspeakable       a and it
or renowned behavior       remain flower – I  am of blind arrangement      vital clear
who - our no  wrote to elders
life speak a clear trio ----------- strange  Joy is what  
walked for - say called around       
stupid in hunted text                      that’s retrospect
that’s  yours       record it                              problem not the is
orange truth recording
Is within this juice
basement  is never shoes        tradition audio  rain a - mix        a concert a water I wood
If chance
pounding bottle love for you
5th  family  kids the frame and  everyone calls     birds on it`s lost begin - a music again
table this  dance      part machines break       know spirit if Snapple tea       subversive ice quiet has our and
expansive  ingested             put            hold
keep the -  enemy joy contribution        of has to     
open beer and know it windows                     better wash zombie water     with sex and honey
not whole                               when a house  is bitten
so so so
We store it
smells many and not like moments
so  that’s wood           and subversive salad toe  up    madeUp               skillet tears and your olive oil thing
I bathe in milk and renewal  
Turning pages    counterclockwise
With random confidence   

Words are everything  

Monday, June 23, 2014

durch die Blumen

January 2014  -------------  January 2015

A text is chosen for a recording collaboration

Each month a piece is created-chosen

Constant Is------------ text    recording    Poet

Change Is--------------Text  Instruments  Musician

Through the flowers - something speaking  -  the work
is created by choosing - informed by it over the period of a year - Through and with
different musicians  - flowers

durch die Blumen to be released
as well as performed live
25 April 2015

recordingCollaborations include

Sophie Hofer

                                                                       Sirup Gagavil                    Fork                                                     
                                                                                           Hari Köchli
Manuel Engel                                                                                      
                                                                                            Kevin Chesham
Sarah Palin

   Susanne Walther

Sarah Palin
                                                                                                 Frank Heierli 
Igor Stepniewski                             


flo kaufmann                                                                                                      Nick Porsche

                              Alain Croubalian 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Checklist by Ste Epi Phany

1. Blutende Mitte
2. doing gender
3. Flapsig, am flapstigsten
4. There are no competencies that can safe u from lifes losses
5. The inner beloved
6. World centric
7. Rolle: Selbstmörderin
8. His airness
9. Wegen den Ausländern auswandern
10. Trash has given us an appetite for art
11. In die falsche Frau verliebt
12. Früener sind di ältere vill jünger gsi!
13. A non negotional
14. Love you through this
15. Beeing in these different places
16. Take your partner off the table
17. Not knowing their growth journey
18. Relationship without
19. Empty nestor
20. Days to look like
21. Family stuff
22. Where do i get triggered?
23. Feeling words
24. What you do wanna do
25. Name the qualities
26. One might be a boyfriend
27. Energy is always neutral
28. It comes up because its getting in your way
29. What intentions set lately
30. You ordered it up
31. Know how you wanna feel
32. Würde

1. Schweiz 2
2. Estrela del documental
3. Ressourcenfluch
4. Westliche Bildung ist sünde
5. Menstrual blood cookies
6. We prepare to play with pain
7. Sie können sich nicht auflösen
8. Nourishing infusion
9. Entnazifizierungsverfahren
10. Mord ist seine kunst
11. Post festival depression
12. Sex is where i came from
13. Der falsche hals
14. The virgin mother
15. Messi - das 
16. Jeden trifft ein eigener pfeil
17. Die heile welt der extremisten
18. One layer of softness
19. Schneeflockenforschung
20. Matratzenhorchdienst
21. Die höhere Schöpfung
22. Aus der Vergangenheit zurückgekehrt
23. After you kill the heat
24. Personal space
25. Voodoo auf katholisch
26. Halb voll
27. Gierig si, aber nöd chöne ahneh
28. Der ässerst schmürzelige Oberspecki
29. Religionsparodie
30. Internetfolklore
31. Unangepasstes denken 
32. Celebrating lyme disease
33 degrees

1. Einbürgerungstest für Schweizer
2. Die geplante Sauce
3. Animalito
4. veraltete Reaktionen
5. Nachhaltig kuscheln
6. Planget
7. 'sch nöd so schlimm
8. Zwecklos wie kunst (???)
9. Seine Gesichtszüge entgleisten
10. protection from the protection
11. Its the message
12. The child will lead the way
13. Nomophobia
14. schimmelartiger Überzug von Zivilisation
15. namenlose Angst
16. Fleischernase
17. Früh ins Bett
18. Der Marder ist durch
19. Traumkörper
20. Fahnenfabrik
21. Guete morge liebe Zmorge bisch du au scho wieder da?!
22. Bauchrednerbart
23. Beängstigender alter kauz
24. Fix und foxy
25. More is more
26. So üle, wo dur de Wald switched
27. Positive Biofeedbackschleife
28. cant get your ring off
29. Propheta gentileza
30. chased by unwritten checklists
31. Unerwartete Rückendeckung
32. Das Kind schluckt die kritische Mutter
33. Degrees

1. Frechheit dosieren
2. Mit dem es wie mit einem diamant, man sollte ihn mit fassung tragen
3. Shopping zeremonie
4. An und pfirsich
5. bin erwachse aber es iigraits chind
6. Kauzig
7. Blissipline
8. Hype~gmües
9. Warum heisst es entdecken, wenn sich weisse durch die welt bewegen?
10. Competitive meditation
11. Sublowmatic
12. to manifest a women
13. Politis und idiotis
14. Was hab ich  gesagt?
15. Kulturbeutel
16. Interaktiver sex
17. Mickrig
18. Das babyselbst
19. Personenfluss
20. general baby steps
21. Sollbruchstelle
22. Choose choice
23. S handy isch eigentlich dr grösst hirnfick i de hütige zit
24. Charten
25. With a wonder rather than a worry
26. Legume
27. Das innere Dorf
28. Roikos
27. To die would be an awfully big adventure
28. I just thought she d always be here...
29. Reclaim the seeds
30. Reclaiming my body
31. The further dying
32. Bevor die sonne untergeht, vergib.

33 degrees

1.It is not always revolution
2. The milk is hot
3. I always thought my ... was too strong
4. I did not sleep yet, so.
It is still night
5. I ha angscht vor minnere ...
6. Unendlichkeit
7. Sun shines but it aint morning yet
8. Als giengs ums läbä...
9. Ewig singel
10. prädestinierter einzelgänger
11. We are streaming, not downloading
12. Ja eh bini abergläubig
13. Illegal geheilt
14. Jöh opfer
15. Der böse waffelverkäufer
16. Militärbibliothek
17. Moment
18. Sowohl als auch
19. Mis läbe fangt grad ah...
20. Dä vatter google
21. Gesang ist dasein
22. Hübscher zombie
23. Schwanenplage
24. Zensierte checkliste
25. Mantel
26. Akkustische Durchsage
27. Stellwerkstörung
28. The dragon doesnt live here
29. Doing from a place
30. Hirni
31. Busfahrerhumor
32. Ihr arroganter, schweizerischer Gang
33 Degrees




1.Ich kann mir deine Geschenke nicht leisten!
2. We do not yet cry our helpless tears
3. Love aint what they say
4. Nöd nur din tod - au.dis läbe het mich prägt!
5. Strukturen nutzen
6. Seltene Erden
7. Die falschen Himmel
8. Gefährliches Frühstück
9. Brustlatz
10. Bürtzeldrüse
11. Die kleinen Federbälle
12. from moment to moment we go and in between we are lost
13. What would you do?
14. Act white
15. Get over cute
16. In gut we trust
17. Je suis un ecosystem
18. Eine art Bakterientransporter
19. to colonise the baby properly
20. Sex machine
21. the ultimate bitch-godess
22. Bieraura
23. die Italiener Asiens
24. Elephäntli
25. Figg di Päär, Alte
26. Wo söll ig warte, Amerika!?
27. Keine Unabhängigkeit und Neutralität ohne einen modernen Militärjet
28. Babyroulette
29. Gewalt bringt Krone
30. I bi grad en sunäkreis am informiere
31. Macho Gott
32. The worst generation ever
33. Who are you not to be bold and beautiful
33. Alles geht gut sofern wir auch nur ein bisschen lernen
33. Danke

Monday, May 12, 2014



1 The cover might be waterproof
2 The birds blinded
3 Gerard Malanga
4 On Ritz Letterhead
5 whether it is paradise or heaven or nirvana
6 Imagine, Imagine, Imagine!!!
7 Visual poem - page 32
8 Do you think of yourself as a tree
10 in its history
11 AB CB E A T
12 SUZI KAPLAN OLMSTED on hydromorphone after 6 teeth pulled
13 but so many split spent veins have spilled their flavors already
14 bomb shuffle
15 Beauty
16 a roll of lifesavers
17 that gather down in the lowest part of the gut
18 is a narrow condition
19 find my dog
20 We does not include They
21 you rolled your own under lamplight
22 Where are you from? I don`t know
23 seem human
25 An interruption of full measure
26 remembering the high notes
27 those mirrors you shattered to free up the view
29 of vomitous rage, as your eyes glow
30 How do you know?
31 wE Will call the mAP  a pOEM
33 dEgREEs

Note -To trace the moment the publication and my hands meet - Bend back Bend cover Smell real and imagined  - Rub Hand Back and Forth over Smooth Material and read ARTHUR CRAVAN = ARTHUR CRAVAN - eyes dart to "the name resists capture"   - NEXT -  Page 61 TIME  by BARA JICHOVA  - and I choose to let the text speak cover to cover and back again - cut-up Review - Maintenant 8 I dig it!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Checklist --- By Ram Michael

the only way is through.
intentionally so written
comatose preparing
out of touch while staying in touch
never hide your vulnerable woman behind your Warrior woman
careful, they may come one day
the desire to be free is coming from this world
not every sentiment can be assured delivery by every sentence.
The Man Who Wasn't There
odd-ball in
Italian short-jumpsuits and coats
Proper lunch
When did you stop denying being like your Mother?
it's never been chained, so it's never been spilled
The strain on a relationship is voluntary
Dark Passages, Warm Likenesses
cleverness is a weak facade
Painting pictures
Smoke Screens Spring '15 Collection
A Man's body demeanor illustrates his identification
Undercurrent of Anti-Semitism never bothered me as it does now
Careful, you might come up to it
in the corner of the bed
under a film
Where the triangles meet


1. doppelganger
2. fault lines
3. ample time
4. run around
5. safety in parallels
6. augmentation tries too hard
7. thief thief
8. if you're not careful, you'll be careful
9. It's not what I thought it was
10. journeyman
11. I didn't want you to know that I thought I wasn't ok.
12. caliber of friend is nonsense
13. Everybody does their best
14. celebrate good times come on
15. laugh it off
16. ruffled feathers unruffled
17. pertain to what?
18. Barrel
19. Jesus alleged to be a Marxist
20. ALL TIME is necessary--no choosing
21. "what if" is ego talk
22. Dancing and prancing
23. Barbarians, no, wait, barbituates.
24. Put up face
25. Putting your make-up on IS authenticity
26. those closest to you KNOW anyway
27. Kierkegaard
28. the silence isn't a destination, it's under the under-garment.
29. Bold, Beastly, Vulnerable
30. defenselessness is the only true strength
31. Nonplussed
32. Savagery
33. degrees


1. Six degrees of oneness
2. Do it or don't do it but don't be attached to either
3. Died in Paris
4. Always an Outlaw
5. Manhattan
6. Mother
7. Attachments
8. Slow down
9. We don't own anybody
10. The wise mustn't disturb the unwise
11. My way of communicating to you
12. You can't get back what you lost because you never lost anything
13. 2 steps forward, 1 step back
14. Ram Ram Ram
15. Within the despair is the growth
16. Not needing to fill the spaces
17. Divine Will
18. Surrender the self into nobodiness
19. Martin King
20. Sent by my Guru
21. The Oneness or the Noneness is the same depending on what level I consciousness you are working on
22. Pride and Honor
23. My Holiness is my salvation
24. I am a Man
25. Tennessee
26. Have no preferences
27. Intermingle with everyone
28. The voice of spirit always sounds beautiful
29. Satsang
30. Bhakti Yoga
31. Bhagavad Gita
32. Everyone we dance with we're dancing with ourselves
33. Deg r ees

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014

Constructing our conversations
Our lens
This camera is an eye   not a mirror
William asked                How do you short circuit control?

 Through the Flowers Through the Flowers

Out of time    into space
1965 was a very good year
Where is Streets Of Chance
Images as skin              There are buckets of just skin
Who is this WE
Click click click

Does our resistance have to be  control`s  weaponry 

Monster to Monster
Think in images
The reader is   collage
The text are    damaged
Africa is being born again
Cross layers speak
How the cleanup functions
Interrupt repetition
Energy devices
The driver said    Once you get there it will make sense
To be forever locked out
Our historical reference is not romantic or lost completely
Photographing construct
Write what I do with image
Why I do it
Why is the reader confident
Poe`s interior
My ears gently gently broken in two long enemy camps
No more notes of the dead
Who fills
Who stores

If you can`t buy it      Do you have any idea what it might look like or be

Test the air for attachment
Cut-ups are no longer difficult to comprehend
Visual literature   presupposes cleaner and easier
A long time ago
There is more
Than one way to altar our work

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Checklist ------------ by Fork Burke and Alex Herzog


1 driftwood seat
2 I live in the font
3 The nurse said – Wake up this is your baby
4 maximum fucked up
5 The dust group
6 Postcards
7 end of origin
8 Please do not remove cards or slips from this pocket
9 seven solos
10 porn glass
11 The workers The detainee The workers
12 black foot feeding speeches
13 New study confirms it
14 Horizontal drawing
15 A meany valley
16 buchsenoffner
17 unwelcome word
18 scripture of sleep
19 confetti filled bra
20 painting my fur
21 I went to another world
22 If it falls on the ground for 5 seconds it becomes homeopathic
23 The light of yesterday
24 conceptual bones
25 even though failure is eventual
26 leading to disease later in life
27 genetic imagination
28 pRE_linguistic bastards
29 You should do this kind of thing outside of Switzerland
30 superlast minute
31 Wonder why he keep blessin me
32 pistols carved out of wood
33 degRE_es

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Checklist by Michael Mirlas

1. strong, span, & solid
2. ridiculous and arbitrary
3. solutions
4. so few, so kind
5. Bordeaux
6. Silicon Valley
7. introductory class
8. superfluous
9. correction, no, no need
10. finders keepers
11. sashay shante
12. healing triggers
13. support
14. what we all want.
15. high mood
16. intellectually stimulating
17. to each their none
18. Today belongs to love.
19. God
20. sans the pain
21. nobody did anything wrong. ever.
22. Ram Dass
23. stay on the path
24. each moment is a new lifetime
25. distance is necessary
26. drawers and cabinets
27. you're never angry for the reason you think you're angry
28. I alone
29. alright alright alright
30. Rayon
31. where you're going
32. dust
33. Degrees

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014

My mother was my first visual
She taught me to avoid being surprised
She brought rebel stories
And not only hers
survivor story
think before you do story
married white man story
a violence she was not accustomed to
“I wasn`t raised like that”
Sticky story
Get your lashes on story
Don’t leave your drink story


My beyond Islam red
with fist raised Malcolm story
Squeeze my LP
me next to Bobby Blue Bland 


cousin skinny legs on stage
Musicians living dangerously
elegant hit the floor jazz club story
It is not possible to forget
Cuz you supposed to study
Grandfather story
Studying all the time
Poet all the time
Choose a good script

Why don`t the children say hello in sweet face 

Why do unchained people think they free 

Why does popular music function as a weapon - distraction you against you 

this non free space  -  where

excellence will  - story

where story where story where story – functioning

include music history  as absolute protection –where a song still sings sang

When did story stop needing a underground railroad