Friday, April 25, 2014

Checklist --- By Ram Michael

the only way is through.
intentionally so written
comatose preparing
out of touch while staying in touch
never hide your vulnerable woman behind your Warrior woman
careful, they may come one day
the desire to be free is coming from this world
not every sentiment can be assured delivery by every sentence.
The Man Who Wasn't There
odd-ball in
Italian short-jumpsuits and coats
Proper lunch
When did you stop denying being like your Mother?
it's never been chained, so it's never been spilled
The strain on a relationship is voluntary
Dark Passages, Warm Likenesses
cleverness is a weak facade
Painting pictures
Smoke Screens Spring '15 Collection
A Man's body demeanor illustrates his identification
Undercurrent of Anti-Semitism never bothered me as it does now
Careful, you might come up to it
in the corner of the bed
under a film
Where the triangles meet


1. doppelganger
2. fault lines
3. ample time
4. run around
5. safety in parallels
6. augmentation tries too hard
7. thief thief
8. if you're not careful, you'll be careful
9. It's not what I thought it was
10. journeyman
11. I didn't want you to know that I thought I wasn't ok.
12. caliber of friend is nonsense
13. Everybody does their best
14. celebrate good times come on
15. laugh it off
16. ruffled feathers unruffled
17. pertain to what?
18. Barrel
19. Jesus alleged to be a Marxist
20. ALL TIME is necessary--no choosing
21. "what if" is ego talk
22. Dancing and prancing
23. Barbarians, no, wait, barbituates.
24. Put up face
25. Putting your make-up on IS authenticity
26. those closest to you KNOW anyway
27. Kierkegaard
28. the silence isn't a destination, it's under the under-garment.
29. Bold, Beastly, Vulnerable
30. defenselessness is the only true strength
31. Nonplussed
32. Savagery
33. degrees


1. Six degrees of oneness
2. Do it or don't do it but don't be attached to either
3. Died in Paris
4. Always an Outlaw
5. Manhattan
6. Mother
7. Attachments
8. Slow down
9. We don't own anybody
10. The wise mustn't disturb the unwise
11. My way of communicating to you
12. You can't get back what you lost because you never lost anything
13. 2 steps forward, 1 step back
14. Ram Ram Ram
15. Within the despair is the growth
16. Not needing to fill the spaces
17. Divine Will
18. Surrender the self into nobodiness
19. Martin King
20. Sent by my Guru
21. The Oneness or the Noneness is the same depending on what level I consciousness you are working on
22. Pride and Honor
23. My Holiness is my salvation
24. I am a Man
25. Tennessee
26. Have no preferences
27. Intermingle with everyone
28. The voice of spirit always sounds beautiful
29. Satsang
30. Bhakti Yoga
31. Bhagavad Gita
32. Everyone we dance with we're dancing with ourselves
33. Deg r ees

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