Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014

My mother was my first visual
She taught me to avoid being surprised
She brought rebel stories
And not only hers
survivor story
think before you do story
married white man story
a violence she was not accustomed to
“I wasn`t raised like that”
Sticky story
Get your lashes on story
Don’t leave your drink story


My beyond Islam red
with fist raised Malcolm story
Squeeze my LP
me next to Bobby Blue Bland 


cousin skinny legs on stage
Musicians living dangerously
elegant hit the floor jazz club story
It is not possible to forget
Cuz you supposed to study
Grandfather story
Studying all the time
Poet all the time
Choose a good script

Why don`t the children say hello in sweet face 

Why do unchained people think they free 

Why does popular music function as a weapon - distraction you against you 

this non free space  -  where

excellence will  - story

where story where story where story – functioning

include music history  as absolute protection –where a song still sings sang

When did story stop needing a underground railroad  

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