Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014

Constructing our conversations
Our lens
This camera is an eye   not a mirror
William asked                How do you short circuit control?

 Through the Flowers Through the Flowers

Out of time    into space
1965 was a very good year
Where is Streets Of Chance
Images as skin              There are buckets of just skin
Who is this WE
Click click click

Does our resistance have to be  control`s  weaponry 

Monster to Monster
Think in images
The reader is   collage
The text are    damaged
Africa is being born again
Cross layers speak
How the cleanup functions
Interrupt repetition
Energy devices
The driver said    Once you get there it will make sense
To be forever locked out
Our historical reference is not romantic or lost completely
Photographing construct
Write what I do with image
Why I do it
Why is the reader confident
Poe`s interior
My ears gently gently broken in two long enemy camps
No more notes of the dead
Who fills
Who stores

If you can`t buy it      Do you have any idea what it might look like or be

Test the air for attachment
Cut-ups are no longer difficult to comprehend
Visual literature   presupposes cleaner and easier
A long time ago
There is more
Than one way to altar our work

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