Monday, June 1, 2015

Adieu au Langage

Notes from Adieu au langage
Full boat empty boat cut up of Nicolas De Stael Look up look upside down she enters with hat wet ground mirror bombs unclear text on paper youth informed opinion legacy books knowing translation of text from books war images woman in white film scene cinema emotions all three in white one silent film one horror film She doubles him hat the blur what else can we do with 3D old footage in 3D sound closeup is not a closeup it is a lamp Flowers in vase in wild a single offering a bouquet in your face half alive attempts to speak cast shadows on light she inhales half dead scent Fart Shit Sound speak sound dog crow red black water disruption is a closer look is inclusion is and travel in car rain Godard gas stations and tension talk almost fights homage how many films in this film he references himself which is like a mirror held up to cinema itself flowers images vibrate glisten nature m├Ętaphore
boat fence hand blood Mort encore shoot it with a phone girls hands couple hands dead in a water for animals light of machines Mao Che rain is what mao is what flowers the light on boat all this speaking big screen snow in the end it is the look of the end and memory screen snow all around phone is not a memory is not a phone history our cinema old ways of speak involve through something flowers fruit carpet she is naked we can freeze frames the sound sound of ink dipped feather writing this too remember this too is the work confident and traceable Mary Shelley made a sound Artaud repeating perspective painting enter inventions SAVDIE the squares of paints and his voice deep and rattle memory of water music epic nature 3D beauty a dog Monet aspire to simultaneous one at a time here is here history of light in art speaking from woods and water the wind on the microphone females cinema there remains relationship children a boy and a girl a field of flowers