Sunday, October 18, 2015


1 The game is designed to never end
2 I want to get in the mud and listen to Nick Cave
3 A real confidence
4 Alex in the Valais
5 Joe Tex
6 A good decant
7 Do you want to really know
8 He walks in every door
9 When they come from Paris
10 Vanja tour
11 Do you understand what this is
12 What eternity sends you
13 Cocktails with Catherine
14 Words need a body
15 Krakow it`s not a sport it`s a city
16 Arica is world liberation
17 Here comes Shea Butter
18 You are so end of quote
19 If you don`t have any feedback it is difficult to change the world
20 Disrupt expertise agreements
21 Grammatical passports
22 Your genetic makeup is terrible
23 Unused toothpick - how polite
24 I came to do something great and I am willing to be something nobody recognizes
25 Because you didn`t show up
26 The wounded go in circles
27 Insecurity bores me
28 From this menage marvelous monsters are born
29 I`ve never heard of you
30 hole machine
31 What is early memory
32 I am made of the dead
33 Degrees