Sunday, October 18, 2015


1 The game is designed to never end
2 I want to get in the mud and listen to Nick Cave
3 A real confidence
4 Alex in the Valais
5 Joe Tex
6 A good decant
7 Do you want to really know
8 He walks in every door
9 When they come from Paris
10 Vanja tour
11 Do you understand what this is
12 What eternity sends you
13 Cocktails with Catherine
14 Words need a body
15 Krakow it`s not a sport it`s a city
16 Arica is world liberation
17 Here comes Shea Butter
18 You are so end of quote
19 If you don`t have any feedback it is difficult to change the world
20 Disrupt expertise agreements
21 Grammatical passports
22 Your genetic makeup is terrible
23 Unused toothpick - how polite
24 I came to do something great and I am willing to be something nobody recognizes
25 Because you didn`t show up
26 The wounded go in circles
27 Insecurity bores me
28 From this menage marvelous monsters are born
29 I`ve never heard of you
30 hole machine
31 What is early memory
32 I am made of the dead
33 Degrees

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What the letters stand for

– Top You had a Bullet hole in your chest – the man that would not leave your side slept with us the whole night – you told me a little story - you were shot - you told me another little story about the man in the bed with us - My foot brushes against his leg – he does a crossword puzzle drinks coffee in bed ignores us and our conversation about him -With us – he likes it he likes To be around you all the time all he has to do is give the word to make it happen - In days he’ll arrive in Europe to sell his country’s new openness to trade - heads of state - are traces of this – we are strong enough that we remain traces – there are people in places who hold this world together – I believe that – I believe I will never experience what it is like to be human to live a human life – there are a few places left – and they don’t need me to visit them or be there – I prefer to travel while appearing to be perfectly still --- all that I don’t know is what gives me hope all that lost knowledge and dead practices --- we are progressing backwards and to the end – it is also true we are progressing forward and expanding – and that something beautiful is happening – the story of white nationalism is not the beginning of the story – everything in relation to this story - I want the periods of world history back - we cant apply what we learn  from this location –during dreaming there are no fixed words for images – the images are mine but the story is ours Love is who  - we are  an interruption - before anger – sadness is what love looks like isolated and helpless – sadness is the love one feels suddenly placed in bondage – isolated unable to – sadness is love knowing it is not enough - a healing forms unexpressed – the crows are landing closer to my window - their wings – the body remembers accumulated sadness – a collective sadness being silenced language culture history - who gave the world its first humanity – what happens when I listen to these stories – how do I do that alone – do I must do I– listen to what speaks through  – the movements of liberation are light - transforming interior layers together – public space – why can`t we - give me our body – to dream pleasure for the first time – to know it between each breath – to fall with the unnamed - human story –  Peripheral Visionary A specific rejection of the whole story was how my story began – if life is a cut-up than so is memory I renew my renewal – What is the story it tells itself about itself - the ones I can`t escape – A clean and ironed white shirt – I am made nervous by memory – how can something so disturbing communicate so little – what belongs to me when you are doing the dishes - be careful not to splash up water - of isolation wild laughter and confidence - in our dreaming - What makes a true story untellable – writing at once belongs to the old ways  - broken  new direction we are making – the unseen world is - not linear -  call us something when we are born - this has nothing to do with it – we are born into story – our being is its breath  -  the continue written in layers -  no need to know anymore - take the - words away for a moment and start screaming – release knowing entirely - this too is possible and it allows for some distance that I may turn toward the night less distracted - that which has been buried speaks another language - deep down in the dirt - time is a factor – I am surrounded I remember that I am made of the substance - searching finding and destroyed – I am made -I experience not knowing with a particular certainty – I continue other words

Monday, June 1, 2015

Adieu au Langage

Notes from Adieu au langage
Full boat empty boat cut up of Nicolas De Stael Look up look upside down she enters with hat wet ground mirror bombs unclear text on paper youth informed opinion legacy books knowing translation of text from books war images woman in white film scene cinema emotions all three in white one silent film one horror film She doubles him hat the blur what else can we do with 3D old footage in 3D sound closeup is not a closeup it is a lamp Flowers in vase in wild a single offering a bouquet in your face half alive attempts to speak cast shadows on light she inhales half dead scent Fart Shit Sound speak sound dog crow red black water disruption is a closer look is inclusion is and travel in car rain Godard gas stations and tension talk almost fights homage how many films in this film he references himself which is like a mirror held up to cinema itself flowers images vibrate glisten nature mètaphore
boat fence hand blood Mort encore shoot it with a phone girls hands couple hands dead in a water for animals light of machines Mao Che rain is what mao is what flowers the light on boat all this speaking big screen snow in the end it is the look of the end and memory screen snow all around phone is not a memory is not a phone history our cinema old ways of speak involve through something flowers fruit carpet she is naked we can freeze frames the sound sound of ink dipped feather writing this too remember this too is the work confident and traceable Mary Shelley made a sound Artaud repeating perspective painting enter inventions SAVDIE the squares of paints and his voice deep and rattle memory of water music epic nature 3D beauty a dog Monet aspire to simultaneous one at a time here is here history of light in art speaking from woods and water the wind on the microphone females cinema there remains relationship children a boy and a girl a field of flowers

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Durch Die Blumen - A Review by Peter Marra

Like a bullet through a mirror, Fork Burke's new CD “Durch die Blumen” dazzles with shards of glimmering beauty and pain. This project is composed of 13 pieces. recorded one per month over a period of 13 months which results in a sense of growth over time. The synthesis of Fork's words with the musical output of each musician results in a collaboration of startling synergy with underlying tones of sex and violence. The phrase “Durch die Blumen” as Fork describes in the liner notes is a touchstone for the project as she searches for new ways to communicate. There is a sense of randomness, which causes the listener a bit of uneasiness as we take the journey with the artists. Together the words and music result in a new form of communication that becomes an enlightening experience resulting in little epiphanies along the way. Each piece makes one think and dream and fantasize. One is reminded of smoky poetry readings in a loft in NYC during the fifties – ambient noise is also captured in each recording: paper shuffling and pages turning, musicians setting up their instruments, feedback used creatively that recalls the early experiments of Angus MacLise. Each track has it's own merits and contributes to the whole piece, but some that are special to me include: "Prayer"  a portrait of self-realization and loss; "Strip the Bed, Sell the Sheets,"  featuring the poet's voice intoning in one ear of the listener and Hari Köchli's voice in the other resulting in a pleasant disorientation; and "Loss and Laughter," a bittersweet essay.
Fork succeeds admirably in what she had stated as her goal: " to be direct and disrupt and still maintain the illusion of giving." Take a startling and poignant journey with Fork's words, her voice at first sensual, then daring and confrontational. A brilliant accomplishment.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Durch Die Blumen -CD Now available for purchase

I am very proud of the work of this collaboration work of what came through to be here  - I hope it continues to speak in your hands

The musicians became the Flowers and the Offering

Friday, May 1, 2015

Durch Die Blumen
Now Available on CD Baby

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I began the Project  "Durch die Blumen" in January of 2014 creating a fragment of the work every month for a year until completion in January 2015. The frame of the work is rooted in its monthly recordings. I chose an artist for each month of the year, created a text for the artist during the month that we were to record, and met with them for a one take session in which all recordings take place in my atelier. The intention was to let the text and the relationship that the artist had with the text be the driving force of the recording and by allowing the random factors to play a key role the theme of speaking through the flowers began to translate itself through the work and creation of each text.