Sunday, January 22, 2017

Forever PUSSY


Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy over and over saying the space into juicy being – working like sage clearing energy lifting spirit sharpening focus and restoring joy

Never mistake the work of destroying this system as over again – push it over the cliff til it hits the bottom til the chain is broken off every Woman Girl every Man Boy every Animal every Molecule of water and Memory is restored and Dirt nourishes and Food becomes real and the image of god ceases to be a violent fiction and we teach our own Children and our Sex makes living as a Human possible til the new Dreams are reality

we feel we know a we listen to a we live We think with a critical We – don`t use it before that We well come we well come on each we of us knows something that will make this shift away from the dream of control solid – sisters who know pussy power and portals etc – sisters with all kinds of tools - make this shift this unfolding us now connect bleed on mother earth for mother earth

We can now Be everything to each other at once – we are Women we are humans we share this planet this universe connect merge with earth - be the Earths Pussy and push our life into being – I honor all the deities their love - anger - sex - compassion - mothing - warrior - non mothering – keepers of and agents of change and protection – that we may celebrate our full being always when we look at each other


Years ago when I lived in New York I was taking a shower and what I can only describe now as the first cry happened – All at once I allowed myself to feel how much we as women were hated and feared by this system histroic and present violence told it`s truth and I held it I witnessed it I did not turn away and it broke something in me already broken – I could say I had a break down in the shower that day but it also felt like I stood in all the truth of the breaking – this morning I had what I now call the second cry – I cried because all that In My Life Time vision and the lie of impossible was broken yesterday because we have to put an end to this system of power this system of unspeakable horror – I cried because women showed up clear and willing to get clear – I cried because I saw that women understand this is our last chance and best chance – I cried because Women understand what a Woman is - Women have been conditioned to be threatened by Women and that isolation was broken yesterday with the image of all those women sending out energy standing with every woman in every corner of the world - some with a plan and deep experience some for the first time – but being

Yesterday I wathced all the images and listened to voices and I bled into it

Keep our Pussy`s leading know your pussy know your power – put the needs of our life our living before any country or patriarchal party because this is a different animal so to speak
Pussy comes first which means we understand what work we are all doing – the main thread the sexism that is all the isms root that exist in order to chokes the life energy of all people - those systems of control have no power over us In This Now and forever And So It Is

There is no need to share everything in social media there is a need to share everything - we have ways to create to get it done – do that – a march serves a purpose - do that when that needs to happen - all present – Confidence Restored - something can happen - Orientation Day was powerful - Great start Great continue I am so deeply moved – more than I expected

I always have something to say about the place I live to be critical of place to watch how it functions to liberate spirit or weigh it down – Biel-Bienne was a hard (quiet) place to be when Bowie died when Prince died and I have been starved for a kind of active speak - yesterday I missed you all so much from this quiet place – Every place offers unique combinations of the tools we require – isolation has been shed dependence on patriarchy has been shed - It`s aim on earth is ending life on earth – It is the end of their story - Thank you to all the Women and Men Spirit Ancestors Weapons Creativity Community and Warriors who have given us what we need to SEE each other and be here now – We have all we need to do the work – Remove this system from reality

Saturday, January 7, 2017



1 Disposable surveillance
2 Mean pinched bitter evil faces
3 Anger needs discipline and focus
4 rare vintage
5 preparation notes
6 Always watch out for the true believers
7 Mommy!
8 Kill it while it`s alive
9 Because what is given can be quickly taken away
10 doing nothing
11 He flooded the net with himself
12 I am comfortable excluding your reality
13 I`m gonna need more paper
14 Henry needs his privacy
15 Back in the box Grace
16 I`m so proud of us
17 We were seeds
18 unspeakable triggers
19 Feed the awakening well
20 Take the definitions back
21 premise and context
22 Long birth of a poem
23 When Christianity is no longer useful to power it will be discarded
24 Outlawed rituals
25 Good citizens are the last to know
26 fuck holidays
27 state sponsored holiday celebration
28 magnetic fields
29 gravity flip
30 you don`t know how to think about it
31 This reality is the definition of mental illness
32 The dream is the telling of the dream
33 Degrees