Thursday, January 25, 2018

Checklist by Fork Burke


1 Paris as reference point
2 Unshockable
3 What became of the sameness
4 retail thearpy
5 No object will ever fully grasp another object
6 You really dodged a bullet with that one
7 What we gonna do with this failure
8 Less and less magical universe instruction
9 Mark E. Smith So there
10 Can you get a picture of me with it
11 Interior and Exterior are 50/50
12 Manners
13 What you believe at the moment of the experience
14 Surveillance was key to the shift
15 They got rid of everything they couldn`t pronounce
16 There is a limit to experimental writing if you want people to read it
17 But you continue to refer to yourself as white – so there`s that
18 Every example of where we are going is at the base African lead
19 The weapons are in the museum
20 This is not where it`s at
21 Shame is playback exposure to disapproval
22 Certain magical acts learn to be silent
23 The ultimate object
24 Distracted by inclusion in the vision of the enemy
25 To achieve complete freedom from past conditioning is to be in space
26 Blockchain hangover
27 The Poet should write poems
28 There never was
29 I`m sorry to tell you honey – We already met
30 I stand open before new worlds
31 Fb is an abandoned carnival
32 For there is only this
33 Degrees


1 Ferries and Full Moons
2 Bright as Butter
3 Wild Baby`s Breath
4 The Seen and Unseen of us
6 Elastic Imagination
8 We were prayed for
9  I made the whole thing up
10 you  dreaming me
11 inner voice travel
12 Through the old television
16 The reason you disagree is what you believe in
17 yellow ways to think about it
18 idiot yes please
19 system  = outsider
20 Get some rest
21 Push harder  they`re pretending
22 Stop explaining after the second question
23 He never showed up
24 Because everything is plural
25 Genetic disk
29 Where does the stamp go
31 By the time the image had taken hold
32 Reward
33 degrees

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