Thursday, November 23, 2017


1 Being with you taught me how to be alone
2 You can`t say "It`s not that bad" and "I didn`t know"
3 Evil is focused
4 All is temporary with loss
5 The dog bites
6 The greater messengers died before you
7 The Arab slave trade
8 Can`t see what never hide
9 The circle of reason
10 Tears of butter
11 Sunlight steeped in hell awhile
12 Geographical limitations
13 Rate this translation
14 Artist has become a lifestyle limitation
15 Le beurre Bordier
16 I want 150 people to taste it
17 What canned sardines
18 The sun is an ingredient
19 Laurie Ann
20 Libre Service 1938
21 You inhabit two worlds
22 Dead dirt
23 We use to call it a long film
24 The devil ain`t got no music
25 Human Power is targeted
26 We don`t properly understand Let It Come Down
27 Why are you satisfied with your level of understanding that lead you to that conclusion
28 Media lead urgency
29 Confusion
30 Our vision for us
31 They tore the phone off the wall
32 Cut to the chase
33 degrees

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