Sunday, December 15, 2013

Checklist - by Fork


1 Mocking
2 What enemy means by definition
3 Nutritionally useless delicious thing
4 African priority
5 Poets as reliable sources
6 How Europe Restructures itself
7 Colonialism requires possession
8 Being a writer is dangerous
9 Said goodbye to my possession
10 Music slangs with you
11 Film walks the earth
12 Let life train you for vital understanding
13 Good Bacteria
14 Unfinished Ulysses
15 African feminism has a soundtrack
16 Overwhelmed by truth
17 Freedom is not to be turned into a thing
18 Kassie`s house
19 Freud`s original sofa
20 understanding simultaneous
21 Cut-ups are an adhesive gathering
22 My mother slept in her clothes
23 That`s how you kill the dead
24 Hold the ArtWorld accountable
25 artist as distraction
26 tiny kisses up the arm
27 Equality lacks understanding of what it is rooted in - it is a measurement
28 Scientist discover
29 I am the new study
30 holistic Russian profits
31 International police state
32 I wouldn`t worry about it
33 Degrees

1 the theoretical incarnation of panic
2 ass fingers
3 You know when you see it longing
4 infinite cycle
5 Bird Separation
6 The morning knows
7 We don`t use that word anymore or the word king
8 I remember what we thought was possible
9 To get more funds to build more cathedrals
10 purgatory money box
11 They all show up with something
12 covered in word fragment
13 The words need a body remember
14 I can read your walk
15 Children`s crusade
16 When it stays open it is empty
17 A Indian restaurant in Panama
18 Mourning Celebration Mourning Celebration
19 Concept of the object
20 Adel Termos
21 Without having a vision you only react to what the enemy does
22 KA and BA
23 grief shaming
24 election bullets
25 How the world was made safe for tourism
26 hybrid recollection
27 It`s what references we return to and their limits
28 The ministry of discomfort has arrived
29 9 times Men 9 times Superior Ladies & Original 9 times Ladies
30 free white and 21
31 Tell it
32 If my sister is not free I am not free
33 Degrees

1 Subversive word spacing
2 We start with the story we are making
3 Don`t spill out easy
4 Hidden production is always bloody
5 People Animals Crops
6 Tobacco Chocolate Sugar
7 Sometimes a drag queen is better than the real thing
8 She smells like off cake
9 I am not afraid
10 Wordsand
11 I could see that I could count on him
12 GraceSoups
13 It either belongs to the arrival or to the departure
14 Language Resist Itself
15 Translated whispers
16 That’s one for checklist
17 Since leaving Parsons
18 Business fish
19 Hannah Weiner
20 I may not be Funny and I may not be a Singer or a damn Seamstress but I am a Fierce Queen
21 The whole form is a response to grief
22 No excuses ever
23 Too much makeup where
24 All artist are in exile
25 A real big bed
26 no language need
27 a lifetime of trying to make the unacceptable acceptable
28 Winning isn`t everything but wanting to is
29 Always destroy what is in you
30 Return to the library 
31 forgotten forever moments
32 It`s in there somewhere

33 degree  s

1 I am always looking at infinity
2 What wine protects
3 losing the body through the body
4 Europe and the Literature of loss
5 Pre Antibiotic Novel
6 because Burroughs faces the horror of life and legacy
7 They came to make the cuts
8 As long as they don`t land
9 Where do the disassociations go
10 It bears repeating
11 Sissy that walk
12 just talking to hear yourself talk
13 Somewhere between hair and makeup something happens something switches over
14 Get your letters straight
15 cultural weekend
16 body portal
17 selling white fish door to door
18 The breathless prose of the Woman`s magazine
19 Your challenge is empathy
20 Monotheistic penis
21 kidnapping and armed resistance story
22 trace historical thriving
23 This is war
24 The way history is taught prevents a reading of the continue now
25 Chapters
26 fire clears out the spectators
27 Not today Satan
28 I just decided to write
29 A legal pad
30 That`s a holy thing to be
31 Silent teaching
32 what can you do with those
33 degrees

1 Forget is what you look with
2 A collage of rituals
3 because ping pong represented the defeat of capitalist heteronomy social democratic lethargy and Russian hegemonic self importance
4 That is why I don`t use a map
5 We don`t knock on the door
6 emotional states that exist outside the symbolic order
7 Ain`t nobody got time for all that
8 Between the Sign and the Gaze
9 even a small never meaning man
10 Remain in the funk
11 When you been loved by New Orleans
12 You pulled me out far enough to understand what I am calling in
13 The forever flatness
14 Thin as a rail
15 Recording body
16 what they think about me is none of my business
17 come close fiction
18 theatre comes out of dance
19 Drawing into being
20 It was the sword
21 The blood of these whores is killing me
22 What does strong will look like
23 It`s not you  - It`s your cage
24 dream slang
25 the glove will fit what I say
26 We are the language here
27 I am practically here
28 I knew it not – I meant it then
29 Workers did not unite
30 Have you stolen horses with him
31 Circle Line
32 I thought about these things this morning
33 degrees

1 Archived girls
2 Reading all night
3 What Brother Bob left out
4 “Some Revolution”
5 bits of flesh and fur spray and float down from the streetlight -  a bird eats
6 If the laugh enters
7 Just another worker dying on a cross
8 The gentleman from California has 10 minutes
9 Brother from another Mother
10 What is great about Basel…
11 I cry when he feeds everyone a spoonful
12 The berry that follows the blossom
13 It is not enough to have a plan
14 Privileged terrain
15 Checkbook
16 experimental psychosis
17 I burst into questions
18 SP68
19 clutching papers
20 silences and ignites me
21 You can`t taste it anymore
22 How history felt after a meal
23 Milk memory
24 The zone takes care of its own
25 I know how curiosity killed the cat
26 Cities of the Red Night
27 Bone House
28 the removal of sadness
29 hired utilized executed
30 pre march café swell
31 expected and acceptable violence
32 Inaki kitchen

33 Degress


1 Farmers are the new artist

2 Farmers are the new political prisoners – 2014

3 Farmers are the new enemy

4 Listing them

5 Did you just spoil the surprise
6 Because you think if you say the wrong thing it will all go away
7 Streets of Chance
8 A Little Girl Dreams of taking the veil
9 Divine Connection Man
10 Can`t feel it
11 A greatness within a body
12 again and again
13 to work without permission
14 in our hands any technology expands
15 We leave the pathetic limits behind
16 Where our story went
17 If you can imagine it  it was lost
18 then you can see the story
19 that never left – The still rewrites
20 understand
21 This time don`t let them in
22 unmatched greatness
23 We meet at the arrival
24 the perceptions are a kind of violence
25 War to extinction
26 orgone remember
27 Amrita
28 mere storytellers
29 Feig
30 Screaming bloody murder
31 Fiction mirror
32 unfold with divinity
33 degrees

1 Do What You Do Best
2 The present is 90% the past
3 The first day Jesus met a European was the day he was going to die
4 When technology came to a halt
5 Understand the mess
6 Moving away from fixed ways of thinking and feeling
7 Spring something
8 Go in circles without me
9 I love our youth
10 They made up a story because they had no story
11 Mom you are embarrassing me
12 Why are my faces so big
13 terror begging
14 Academic holiday
15 Pre Order
16 Hire a death squad
17 Holy Evil
18 Sans Papiers
19 Fruits of skipped trees
20 You missed the pink but made it for the yellow
21 RE-AL
22 Little gypsy boys and the smell of cheap man parfum
23 Who is your head
24 All poems are love poems remember
25 The huge responsibility of living as a human
26 Chri`s photographs
27 There is so much space inside the cornfield
28 Creation of white identity as war strategy
29 Ancient Fuckin
30 painting what is -  between
31 page 135 I`m going to live in Paris
32 letters traced on the body

33 Degrees

1 Cuz I`m gonna resist no matter what
2 A recluse who can`t stay put
3 Catholic butter
4 I don`t want to cuddle
5 Hip Hop gives me the blues
6 A morning man
7 Our music is based on prayer
8 mean
9 The painter and the poet lens
10 Facts have to have a quality of vision
11 Truth is it comes from the south
12 When manuscripts represented centuries of learning
13 Echo
14 What did you come here to do
15 The last time
16 Stencil and Smoke
17 dumb swimsuit
18 Missing bedroom notice
19 That’s what the stage is for
20 The dog walked across the street
21 I fear something wants my whole life
22 page numbers
23 tradition of freedom
24 odd public dialogue
25 Korzybski untitled
26 move like Ulysses
27 there is a silence in the uproar
28 Svet Lana`s kitchen
29 Headlines do not mark the spark
30 Then what
31 3 ideas of god will be the death of us all
32 Only one side is prepared
33 Degrees

1 The difficulty of real speech
2 I know why she stands in the window
3 heirloom pork
4 Know who you are when you open your mouth
5 Sleeping in the caslte
6 There was a moment leading
7 It`s the nervous system
8 Facts nothing but the facts
9 The walk belongs to the role
10 Good service
11 It`s not a question of more racist than
12 The beauty is broken up
13 I started to write the script
14 We`re gonna have to take this to dreamtime
15 Water bottles
16 The smoke machine has been adjusted
17 checklist quilt
18 African world history
19 busing
20 Water ballet
21 Medicated or celebrated
22 Does not require paper
23 Fits perfectly in your hand
24 the junky the outlaw the lover
25 sweet sharp and sticky
26 At the end of his life he painted flowers
27 Hotel bell – Ding!
28 Water memory
29 War is a matter of opinion
30 Everything hurts
31 The whole book springs from loss of object
32 dance over it
33 degrees

1 Mental health is the wild west of medicine
2 pretend to be a fiction writer
3 Great Gangster Tribes
4 I like stolen flowers
5 pickup my rope
6 Thatch plus yellow paint equals blond hair
7 The Scientific community
8 New York misses you
9 pneumatic circus
10 There is money to be made from history
11 Christianity Before Christ – 1938
12 It is as if one has never lived on earth
13 rationalization for the
14 Violence of Eurocentric education
15 This horrible case NOVA
16 If the seeds are from Seminis
17 You got now laters
18 inner landscape
19 flower sandwhich
20 Sometimes there is an extra month
21 Things that only go so far
22 imagethought
23 CockButter
24 We called it services remember
25 perhaps I squeeze my legs together in the hope that it is over – that it can end
26 What is difficult is to turn depth into flatness
27 I`m already dressed
28 soft box from India arrived
30 A good listener on your knees
31 Flowers vs Plastic Water Bottles
32 I made an effort
33 Degrees

1 You were made on Halloween
2 What do I have to do to be nice
3 All of it
4 precolonized jazz musicians
5 A natural freezer
6 I was tickled
7 It took 32 Jimi Hendrix stamps
8 Ziegler Lewis
9 He was so good looking – like a model – a baseball player or a Kennedy
19 Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination
20 amp type
10 photographing disappearing acts
11 I would rather make a memory than a problem
12 No nicer back of the bus than BiLLi
13 Lemming cows
14 Street  cleaning sticks
15 Legend all of me
16 Consider the source
17 Filipino facelift
18 What indigenous really means
21 I really want to thank him
22 Alcoholic recording devices
23 kinder squat
24 230 and us
25 communities and networks
26 One for the money – two for the Show
27 Sometimes paths last longer than roads
28 30 or 32
29 Fuckin protect it
30 You missed
31 Like Spain I am bound to the past
33 Degrees

1 Some   death camp  work camp  all camp
2 Guest Room
3 Stairs of Oberland
4 I love them
5 witches your humanity
6 Who made it necessary for artist to resist
7 Organic wind
8 Says Who
9 There are no safe plastics
10 fishsticks
11 sippy cups
12 privilege prison
13 Keep it to yourself
14 Family peace and quiet
15 fully vaccinated
16 A painter`s position
17 People are locked into their own extermination
18 Reruns – light years ago
19 Tim
20 List the silences
21 we must be shoulders and wings
22 Food sample
23 spiritual categories
24 Worse dressed youth
25 Convenience leads to violence
26 unknown is not unknowable but gone
27 Machine grease
28 Beni`s phone
29 shape shifting ongoing war
30 That can`t be good
31 Take My Words
32 The importance of saying Fuck Off
33 Degrees


1 I`m traveling for my health

2 Convenience Zombie Need

3 Death is expensive

4 In pencil

5 Why are you here

6 Why are you Here

7 I`m traveling for my health

8 Research

9 Enormous amounts of energy

10 What I wish for you

11 What it might take

12 What you need to remember

13 How is it you don`t know you know

14 Toni said it was a little white dog

15 The children asked her Do you want to have brown skin

16 She asked her for the flesh colored crayon The real one

17 You are complete fiction to me

18 Fashion Icon

19 “I believe the purpose of death is the release of love” 

20 Future was future even when it was labeled the past

21 Freakish amounts of energy

22 I find it increasingly difficult

23 Wrong wrong wrong I swallow

24 Like tracking employee movement through nuclear power plants

25 Burridge & Marshman

26 As it stands

27 A letter for Franziska

28 Stages of grief and loss of power

29 translate me

30 I said Cut

31 Binary Martini

32 Letters from Kyoto

33 Degrees

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