Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Checklist by Fork Burke


1 One way to destroy a country is to make a list
2 The Universe is playful and exact
3 What they want to remove is the memory of If you did it once You can do it again
4 We go from childhood to confusion
5 Not if I see you first
6 Perception is based on knowledge
7 The machines are always wrong
8 Subject Changers
9 Love Letters and sex substitutes
10 rubber parts and school laboratory furniture
11 replacements
12 You still believe...
13 Define crime
14 How do you think you spell it
15 Why are you asking
16 Rituals for the murdered
17 Bleeding gums
18 The food has no access to it`s information when it is produced like that
19 They either laughing at your god or profiting off your god
20 Until African greatness is understood we...
21 Spirituality is key
22 Watch as well as pray
23 You got to study it`s crimes as well as it`s virtue
24 Where it all comes from
25 It`s a good thing it`s inside you
26 Why I left
27 It`s painful but it`s true
28 If you don`t know you don`t know
29 The least you could do
30 When the French moved in they assumed nothing great had ever happened
31 North Africa - You know what happened
32 I`m a prisoner not a visiting scholar
33 Degrees

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