Thursday, October 13, 2016


Speak of edges – no not this – The We you look longer for – Unprotectable square eyed
The last don`t writings – disappearing high silences
poems that reverse poems
What a We of weapons
Here the body is slow and elegant  - untapped   
understanding forced reference  
Constructed whiteness my eyes no longer adjust – I recognize nothing
Stepping over saints pushed into pockets - snatching us back from death
St John of the cross
the fluids
Drain back into the wound
poems come before this denial
resistance is disease
What can I do with dada that I can`t    do        alone
The poems are as out of place as                    We are
reverse the curse – What language is the one we don’t understand – write in this language
every reality constructed by Whiteness    is a crime
we are lazy and let them continue to make square buildings
This us and them    believe in dead and gone – silences last voice and mother trees –  seals portals   with  rest in peace
We fail to protect   -  who I am   who you were     who is coming
We fail to protect immortality
The horror of them loving you more than you love them
words come later at first – there are no words to make it out of here – Unprotectable people require Unrecognizable poems                                         
I am real and I only see you

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