Saturday, August 27, 2016


1 Extinction is a process
2 Be still until you hear it
3 Pray all the way back
4 That is not education that is Training
5 racist cafe conversations
6 Burn through your history books
7 Georg B├╝chner - Lenz
8 I dreamed you all got a copy of Maintenant
9 Robert Wallace letters
10 When you write a People out of history
11 you disappear
12 Don`t Change the subject
13 If you tell People their brain is an app they will start to use it
14 It is the roots deep tangle that holds the planet together
15 My phone froze at 19:38
16 Every Jesus Story is a personal Story
17 You either find an African solution for African Problems or you go back into slavery
18 Public execution recording devices
19 Sacrifical Generations
20 come hell or high water
21 I see you
22 Phosphorus
23 32 radioactive artificially created
24 Food buckets
25 Cheap Modernism
26 It will have you believe newness is
27 My procrastination was removed
28 who were they  We too
29 Artist of potent abstractions
30 counting Dracula
31 Keep track
32 Checklist is not counting
33 degrees

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