Wednesday, June 15, 2016


1. Anthropic principle
2. Best face-book time is
3 Theo still wants to be a Rockstar without practicing
4. I think there are some good German books I just refuse to read them
5. I just want to be onstage and go home
6. Can we just see the rooms
7. I love what I do to people
8. There is an iconic power
9. Old Soul
10. Technology has nothing to do with Right Timing
11 Black Moon Lilith
12. Take Her not me
13.The Long list of what you really don`t know but could remember
14. It`s not a mystery it`s Melanin
15. Orgasm me this
16. It doesn`t matter that it was created it matters that it is shared on social media
17. Second Speak
18. That is not what achievement looks like
19. desire and disgust
20. constantly updating normal
21. DaDa Season is my favorite season
22. I spent my youth casting pearls before swine
23. cultural Container
24. Remember we already won
25. Spill it
26. I will be King
27. Artificial Insemination and Earth - Monsanto A Users Guide
28. Wabi-Sabi
29. The Moment is collaboration
30. The eyes of Observation are many
31. Make love once but dream and dream
32.You have one Job - Know the difference
33.        Degrees

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