Thursday, February 25, 2016

trave_logue 2015 - Basel

the time of the exhibition include a most lively, vibrant and experimental relational situation

–generates encounters, meetings, challenges and surprises – by confrontation, constellation.

with all the variations in medias and languages it lead and blend upon to new passage and

open spaces.

as a conceptual meaning in its artistic, as a physical and temporal (spatiotemporal)metaphor.

the audience is invited to performances, talks, dissonances, confrontations, constellation and

yet unforeseeable situations and events. A space where artistic, critical beside across the

interdisciplinary research simultaneous can be perceived by the audience and remains in the

process. Thoughts, more over disordered impulses, approaches as materializations. Atten-
dance, approach, therein an aesthetic instant, the impact as a centre, the methodology of an

aesthetic and formal/substantial, but also risky transposition is in the main focus. Neither

to provide a definite response nor solutions, statements or products have to be expected or

presented. the field of activity is defined as open and wide as possible -

with Fork Burke USA/CH, Gabriella Disler, Basel CH, Tom Fellner, Zürich, Alex Herzog, Zürich CH

Saori Kuno NL/JP, Erika Pirl MEX/CH

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